Thursday, 22 May 2008

A new delicacy for the BBQ.

On Sunday we went to our friends Emilie and Tom for our first barbecue of the year. I had made some burgers (Jamie's botham burgers), potato and pasta salad and also a chocolate tart. Emilie had made some chicken kebabs, Angelique made a lovely bean salad and brought some sweetcorn.

The men of course congregated around the BBQ, why do they do that? However, Emilie, Angelique and I had made most of the food, so I supposed they should have contributed some how.

Here is Tom cooking the sweetcorn.

We were stuffed having munched our way through burgers, sausages, kebabs, sweetcorn, salads. However, when Patrick and Stephanie arrived we managed to make room for something special. Patrick had bought two Camemberts. We were all intrigued. So here is what he did, he placed the Camembert in the coals and left it for 10-15 mins. We then spooned the oozy cheese onto bread. I have had baked camembert and it was pretty much the same. Yum yum. The next time you have a BBQ, try it.

Here I am getting ready to dig in. Angelique is trying to hide behind the tree, unsuccessfully.

I love cheese and will always make room for it, even if I feel uncomfortable at the end of it. We had a great day and even the Glasgow weather played along.

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