Sunday, 21 June 2009


I've been reading several blogs for while now about people growing their own with a lot of envy. We are growing tomatoes, salad leaves and chillies in window boxes but its not quite enough. So when Hugh launched the Landshare website, I was hoping that we could get a piece of land.

Through the website we got in touch with Ann who had been given a plot at the Springburn allotments. The land and the task at hand was a bit much for her on her own. So on Saturday Andrew and I met up with Ann and Ben(someone else from landshare). This is what the land was like before we started, just long grass:

With just over an hours work we managed to make a mark on the grass and have left some plastic down to kill off the grass. So this is what it looks like now:

I have to say that when wandering around the allotments there seems to be a lot of empty/neglected plots. We have written several times to see if we could get our own which would be the best. So we will wait and see if we hear back. I will keep you posted.