Thursday, 15 May 2008

Are our fingers looking green to you?

On Sunday we started are first adventures in growing something for our plate. Its no secret that my google reader is full of cooking blogs. But its also full of people who grow their own produce, from Stonehead with his fields of wonderful produce to people like My Tiny Plot and Fresh as a Daisy who make the most of their smaller plots. The idea is that I read these blogs and learn lots of tips for the day we get our own little plot. I know what people are going to say we should get an allotment but we will be getting our PhD's soon, hopefully. And we don't know where we will be next.

So on Sunday we planted some tomatoes plants and herbs in some window boxes.

We also did a window box with some cut and come again salad leaves, including rocket. Have to say it brightens up the flat.

I have to say I was quite (I think Andrew will say that was a bit of an understatement) excited when I saw that the salad seeds had started to germinate. This could addictive, however we only have a finite number of window sills!!!!! This could be a limiting factor.

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Stonehead said...

I used to grow salad and exotic vegetables on window ledges, before moving up to a roof terrace, then a 12ft by 70ft garden, and now six acres. There are definite advantages to container gardening—it's quick, there's no hoeing and you can nibble leaves while loafing on the sofa. Well, at least you can if the sofa is underneath the window sill!