Monday, 14 April 2008

Roast Beef

During the day we went to try and find somewhere for Andrew to climb and for me to hold his rope. But the place we had in mind, we couldn't find the rock face. Sounds stupid, I know, but it's harder than you would think. Especially in a place with loads of rocky outcrops. We went to a place near Aberfoyle, it was a lovely day and I really enjoyable drive.

When we got back I started to prepare the roast dinner. I had been craving one for ages. So I roasted the topside that I got from the Farmers Market. We had all the trimmings, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and parsnips. For veg, we had cauliflower (well I did, Andrew didn't!), red cabbage braised with apple and carrots. We didn't have lunch that day so this was two meals in one. So we ate 12 roast potatoes and 11 Yorkshire puddings. I know that I could have frozen the Yorkshires but we were hungry!!!!

I know that the French called us "les rosbifs" but I don't see how that can be used as a put down. I love roast dinners, especially beef. It reminds me of being a kid but also growing up and learning how to make the components of the meal. If I was told that I had to choose my last meal, it would be a roast dinner hands down. Not that I don't appreciate other countries dishes. I just prefer a good roast dinner.

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Jules said...

I think a fab roast beef dinner is my favourite dish. I could eat Yorkie puds and roastie until they were coming out my ears!