Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Andrew usually makes the pizzas, apparently he's better at it than me! So after reading We Are Never Full's post about pizza, I had a craving for a decent pizza. Let's face the pizza's you usually get in a restaurant are over-priced and not that great!

We had some fennel salami and olives in the fridge so it seemed like a good topping. Andrew made the bases and sauce whilst I was still at work.

The pizza was great and we have another one for lunch. Yum, yum and it makes a change from soup and a roll.

Andrew used to make pizzas a lot when we at uni, so he is much better at it than me.

I started to filter the lemon and lime vodka last night. So all I have to do is add a sugar syrup. I'll put photos up later and let you know how it tastes!


We Are Never Full said...

WOW, Serena! You really put your money where your mouth is (is that the right saying? Whatever!) You said you were gonna do it, and you did! This looks delicious and I gotta be honest, it's good to see someone giving into their craving. Was that a gluttonous remark? Probably! Thanks for linking to our post... great job!

amy @ we are never full

Serena said...

Hi Amy

Yep the saying is right. Your pizzas looked so good that I had to have some pizza, I'll give the white one ago at some point!