Thursday, 7 August 2008

First pasta in the new flat

Most of the boxes are emptied, kitchen arrangment is almost sorted out. Living in a top floor flat is always an advantage but moving the heavy boxes up 3 flights of stairs is hard work. We realised how much stuff we have accummulated. The new flat is great, the kitchen is much bigger than the old one. Two days without the internet was a little annoying and my google reader was bursting once it had been connected. The flat has loads of window sills, I am already pondering what to grow. The Veg Box delivery guy found us OK on Wednesday. This week we had:

  • Broad beans
  • Kohl Rabi
  • Courgette
  • Tomatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Onion
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
When Andrew and I were undergrads we used to make a sausage pasta dish. Being poor students this was literally pasta, tomato sauce and some grilled sausages stirred in. I remember seeing on Jamie @ Home a posh version of this. I substituted the peas for broad beans and courgettes.

Prepare a tomato pasta sauce.

Boil the beans for a couple of mins. Remove their skins and put to the side.

Add some olive oil into a frying pan and heat. Split the skins of the sausages. Squeeze the meat out into small meatballs directly into the fying pan. Fry until golden brown then add some sliced courgette to the pan and cook until soft.

Add the broad beans to the frying pan with the pasta and sauce. Toss to coat and serve.

It was lovely and the little meatballs were great. This dish was quick to make too.

I am entering this dish into this weeks Presto Pasta Nights. This week is hosted by Michelle at the Greedy Gourmet. Make sure you check out the round up.


Michelle said...

A bigger kitchen is always a good thing. I still have to try out these veg box schemes but haven't gotten around to it yet. This pasta dish looks superb!

Ruth Daniels said...

Welcome to your new home. It sounds wonderful. We've been living in a third floor walk-up for a year now...consider the stairs great exercise and a balance for all that great pasta!

Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

Trekkie said...

How come I moved 4 weeks ago, and I've STILL to post anything foodie on my blog, and you manage it within 5 days?

Serena said...

I managed to post after 5 days to escape from thesis writing and box unpacking. Anything to get away from work!