Friday, 1 August 2008

Banana chocolate chip muffins

When I saw the photo for this month's sweet and simple bakes I was so happy. I love muffins. But when I saw the what was in the muffins the excitement slowly disappeared. Why? Because, they contained bananas. I am reliably informed by my mum that I loved bananas when I was younger. I have a feeling that overdosed on them as a child and now I don't like them.

But since retrying and liking broad and runner beans. I thought I should give them a go. All this week I have been writing a scientific paper and last night was not going well. I needed a break. The muffins were a perfect break. Muffins never take too long to make.

The recipe was great as it used mashed bananas where you would usually use milk. The presence of chocolate chips reassured me that if I didn't like the banana taste at least it would be broken by the taste of the chocolate.

Andrew and I made the mixture within 5 mins. The recipe actually made more than 12 muffins it was supposed to. I actually made 18. Enough to give to work colleagues without Andrew and I missing out.

Yet again the recipe was easy to follow and these were super quick to make. I think these could be a regular. Probably changing the chocolate chips for dried fruit, like cranberries.

The taste of the bananas was fine. Maybe this is the first step in me regaining my taste for bananas? Who knows! Check out the roundup on Sweet and Simple Bakes.


Maria said...

Serena your muffins turned out great and thanks for taking part in this months bake! Hope to see you in our next bake.


Rosie said...

Amazing muffins Serena they look wonderful!!

Many thanks for partaking in this month's SSB bake and I hope you will be able to join us next month.

Rosie x

Chocolate said...

Maybe they turned a bit too dark? I always prefer light muffins, but maybe it's okay. :-)

Chawanmushi said...

These are great tasting muffins, I must say ... but I'm game to try it with cranberries too :-)

sefa firdaus said...

they looks greats!
i'd love to try ;)