Sunday, 1 March 2009

Pot Roasted Pheasant with Butterbeans and Chorizo

One of things we look forward to after Christmas is the beginning of the Six Nations Rugby, which starts in February. This usually means that our Saturdays are spent in front of the TV watching 2 or 3 matches. On these days I like to make a meal that doesn't require much prep or attention, things like stews and toad in hole. This means that I don't miss much of the action.

We had a pheasant in the freezer and I had remembered seeing a Hugh F-W recipe that I wanted to try. Its on the Guardian website here.

Its dead easy and goes in the oven for two hours which left me free to watch the England/Ireland game. Not that it was worth it in the end!

It tasted great and although we had it with a couple of jacket potatoes and carrots, it could be served with some bread instead. I used a tin of butterbeans instead soaking dried butterbean which worked fine.

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